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Smart Wireless Phone Charger & Holder

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📱Phone Compatibility  

The Smart Wireless Phone Charger is compatible with every smartphones, regardless of their size (big or small).

Don't Let Your Phone Fall Again.

Charge It On The Go & Hold It In Place. 
The Fast Wireless Charger Combines Holding and Charging The Phone at The Same Time. It Is Also a Very Stylish Accessory for Your Interior.
Why Is The FAST Wireless Charger So Good?


👉 10W Quick Charge 

  • Charges your smartphone lightening fast while driving. The phone will always be ready and full of battery charge.
  • New design combining double coil, omni-directional identification. 
  • Find your car intelligently via the app iPark. The phone charger automatically remembers where you have last parked your car so you can find it easily!


👉 Fully-Automatic 

  • Electromagnetic induction design, you just need place your phone, it will charge automatically. It will be locked in place and not moving.

👉 One-Hand Operation

  • When you get your phone close to around 3cm to the charger it automatically opens its brackets for you to put your phone easily.
  • Then it automatically detects the phone and tightly closes the brackets to keep it in place.

👉 Air Vent Phone Holder

  • Mount directly to the air vent. Simple and easy. Compared with windshield or dashboard mount, the air vent mount is much easier for you to reach the phone in car and causes less distraction while driving.
  • No Tools Needed.

  • Even if you smartphone does not support wireless charging, in the box you also get a receiver which you can plug in your phone to charge it!



👉 Safe And Intelligent

  • Safe for your phone. Quality copper-core large coils offer uninterrupted power in bumpy roads.

👉 Multi-Protection

  • High temperature protection,Over voltage protection, Electromagnetic field protection, Over power protection, Short-circuit protection, Over-discharge protection, Over-charge protection, Over-current protection 

👉 High-Quality, Firm Hold 

  • The interior triangle structure is upgraded to provide smooth linkages in rough conditions.
  • Even on the bumpiest roads the phone remains stable.
  • Bump up and down, left and right, front and rear, the smartphone is locked firmly.

👉 Package Includes 

In the package you receive: 
  • 1 * Wireless Phone Charger
  • 1 * Air Vent Mount
  • 1 * USB Cable Type C or Lightening or Micro-USB (Depending on what you choose while you order - For iPhone, Android or Type C)
  • 1 * Usage Instructions






Note: Very limited availability.

The FAST wireless charger might not be soon for sale. 

Order yours before it sells out.