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Sofa Size (Instruction below)

ūüĆł Instantly Give Your Old Sofa a New Look¬†ūüĆł

#1 | Premium Quality | Waterproof | Pet Friendly | Machine Washable

Improve your living space and give your home an upgrade with our family-friendly and easy-to-clean design. 


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Our Decorative Stretchable Elastic Sofa Covers Gives You:

  • An¬†awesome and brand-new looking sofa without buying a new one.
  • You¬†save the cost and time¬†of having your couch re-upholstered somewhere (usually in the thousands!), and also¬†not adding more waste to the landfill.¬†
  • Get several more years¬†out of your sofa or until it actually breaks down before having to buy a new one.


  • SOFA SLIPCOVERS MATERIAL & DESIGN:¬†Polyester and spandex fabric. All-round without corners wrapped, not easy to wrinkle; elastic band and strap fastening closure at the bottom, double reinforcement, not easy to displace.
  • FITS MOST FURNITURE: Our slipcovers are one-size-fits-most: 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater, L-shaped/sectional (combining 2-3 separate pcs covers). PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW & MEASURE BEFORE PURCHASING.
    • STAYS IN PLACE:¬†This sofa cover is applicable to any sofa in which there is a gap between the seats with a backrest and armrest. There are cloth strips which can be pushed down and under the sofa ‚Äď as far as you can - ¬†to hold the cover in place.
    • PROTECT: This basic slipcover shields and protects your furniture from sc, preventing it from getting ruined. It‚Äôs particularly great for homes with pets or anyone seeking an economical solution for furniture protection.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY CARE: Easy to set up and pick up; machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry Low, do not iron. Installation steps shown via pictures.

    Installation Guide


    Before ordering, we recommend you measure your furniture to determine the right size. Applicable sofa: Armless sofa, Armrest sofa, L-shaped sofa, Sectional sofa.
    • 1-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 35-55in ~ 90-140cm
    • 2-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 57-73 in ~ 145-185cm
    • 3-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 73-91in ~ 195-230 cm
    • 4-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 92-118in ~ 235-300 cm
    • Cushion cover: 17x17in ~ 45x45cm¬†
    • For L-shaped, Corner, or Sectional sofas which combine 2-3 separate parts, you need to order 2-3pcs covers. The size of each cover will depend on the length of AA, BB, and CC lines.¬†For example: If AA=75in cm and BB=60in, CC=40in then you should go for 1pc 3-seater cover¬†+ 1pc 2-seater cover + 1pc 1-seater cover.
    • For Recliner¬†sofas, please go to our Recliner slipcover product page in the Home D√©cor Product Collection.

    • Step 1. Extend the sofa cover (Position the slipcover over the sofa with the label at the back.
    • Step 2. Cover the sofa in the right direction.
    • Step 3. Let the sofa hold down the four corners.
    • Step 4. Put the small cloth strip into the gap on the sofa.
    • Step 5. Put the sofa down and pull the cover tight, pulling any excess fabric to the back.
    • Step 6. Enjoy your newly covered sofa!

    Sofa Installation


    1. This sofa cover is only suitable for sofas which possess a gap between the seat, backrest, and armrest. (Please make sure that your sofa has a deep gap to slip the foam bars into before purchase. Our sofa cover is not suitable for sofas with shallow gaps.)

    Sofa cover suitable gap

    2. Please measure your sofa carefully, including the armrest, and then choose the correct size for a satisfying purchase.

    sofa cover - correct measuring

    3. Due to the transportation process, the product may not arrive as flat as in the picture. However, this does not affect the quality of the product. We recommend our customers wash before use to remove its natural odor and flatten the product.


    sofa care instruction

    Don't miss a great deal to get an awesome (almost brand-new) looking sofa !!!

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    Soft fabric
    The stitching is durable, the fabric is not easily damaged, and it has a great, soft feeling to the touch.

    Straps design
    The fixed design with elastic bands and straps at the bottom means it is easy to apply, double reinforced, and refuses to shift!

    Stretch fabric
    Elastic anti-wrinkle fabric with super-stretch abilities in all directions. Full wrap, not easy to shift or wrinkle


    • 1pc sofa cover¬†and¬†FREE¬†foam sticks; not including pillowcase.¬†

    (Add your favorite pillowcase option - 2pc cushion covers to your cart separately for a perfect living room).


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