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Kneading Cat Massager


Oh my sweet meows.

Is it a joke? Is it brilliant? We’re still trying to figure it out.

The one thing we do know? Our cats freaking love this.

Massage your cat with a deep kneading effect that’s familiar, comforting, and will make them love you all the more.


Ready for the cool bits? Here goes.

  • Instantly relax. Got a high stress kitty? This is the kind of thing you both need then. Help them relax and feel comfortable in your home.
  • Bond. Kitties love their pet parents, and we love our kitties. Chances are you already have a special connection, this just brings you closer.
  • Kneading massage. Cats love to knead people, now you can knead your cat. It will make them purr like crazy.
  • Senior cats. Got an older kitty? They get arthritis just like people. Help ease aches and pains and keep your kitty feeling young.
  • USB rechargeable. No cords for kitty to get tangled in or bite at. Just charge it with a USB and you’re good to go.

Bond with your cat and soothe their tired muscles.

You might think it’s weird, but your cat is gonna love it. You know they’ll tell you if they don’t. Cats aren’t exactly subtle.

Order one today and get your cat’s opinion tomorrow. We’re predicting love at first massage.