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Beamro™️ Ultra Bright 5-LED Zoomable Headlamp


Beamro™️ Ultra Bright 5-LED Zoomable Headlight is the Ultimate Companion for any of your Outdoor Events!

Super Bright - Beamro™️ 5-LED Headlamp is in a class of its own! It's using 2 powerful rechargeable 18650 batteries and provides up to groundbreaking 12000 lumens and illuminates 500 ft / 150m.

IPX4 Water Resistance - Great for sports and outdoor activities as no weather is too stormy for this headlamp.

Rechargable - The lamp includes 2 high quality 18650 rechargeable batteries which can be easily charged with Wall DC charger (EU/US/AU/UK), Car charger, USB charger. Batteries and all chargers are included!

Zoomable - Zoom in to project a bright spotlight; Zoom out you easily turn your beam into a wide floodlight that's ideal for lighting up an entire campsite.

4 Modes - Low / Medium / High / Strobe

Gesture sensor - Hold the power button 3 sec to start sensor mode. Wave your hand to turn the lamp ON or OFF while in sensor mode.

Safety Light on the back of pack, provides locational guidance for hiking with folks behind you.

Adjustable Straps - A headband that you can adjust to fit a all head shapes and sizes.

Multifunctional uses - Beamro™️ Ultra Bright 5-LED Zoomable Headlamp is light and portable which makes it perfect for camping and using outdoors.

The compact size allows you to easily carry it anywhere! You never know when you’ll need a portable hands-free flashlight!

Walking with your dog at night... fishing... running... reading without disturbing others... household works...